Render test of diamond without caustics

Render test of diamond without caustics



Light Pollution: Illuminating the Night

Trailer // Light Pollution: Illuminating the Night from Andreas Schnell on Vimeo.

16. Feb. 2012

After going to the opening of the new adventure/outdoor and wildlife shop “Norsk Gåsehud” I went to Øyvind, which is currently studying music at his last at Atlanten VGS. Together we finalized the sound track which Martin and I did earlier for the trailer, and edited it all together. When I got home, my After Effect Comp failed and all the titles had to be tracked again.

15. Feb. 2012

Today I went with Vilde from my class to a small mountain called Kvernberget,  in Kristiansund, Norway. We started at 20:30 and reached the Summit about half an hour later. I was carrying a lot of gear (55 kg) since there was a possibility that the skies cleared (which they didn’t). We camped out for about four hours, which resulted in a two and a half hour long dollymove, and turned into a 15 second shot. I Also got a chance to test some of the new equipment I’m bringing with me to Kautokeino, Norway in about a week.

6. Feb. 2012

I decided to try to capture how a (almost) full moon turned from orange to white. Turned out I though I forgot the cables to the Dynamic Perception MX2 DollyEngine so I had so head back home, but I couldn’t find anything. Climbed back up on the hill behind my house (Which I choose as location for “tonight’s entertainment”). After gearing up, setting up a static time-lapse of a tree, with; now, a white moon as backdrop. I waited 2 hours to find out I was sitting right beside the cable I was missing.


5. Feb. 2012

So yeah. I went time-lapsing with Martin, whom I’m making the soundtrack to the trailer with. Turned out that leaving the gear on the beach (Skjærva), alone, for about two hours; is not the best idea if you don’t want the police to show up. If you aim to learn new things every day, this is one of the rules you’ve got to break.

Some one passing by though that leaving that amount of gear might seem a bit strange, so they called the police, and I had to explain what was going on. Consider it advertising.

3. Feb. 2012

Today I brought with me my Akai MPK Mini aside with my Sennheiser headphones to school so I could concentrate about making music without interrupting others, and getting interrupted by others. John Steinar had “redecorated” one of the classrooms; and turned it in to a very large camera obscura, where the light from outside the room is mirrored and flipped upside down and lighting up the inside of the room.

2. Feb. 2012

This thursday I was planning locations using Google Earth, since I’m going to Kautokeino, Finnmark, Norway, Friday the 17th of feb. with my grandfather so I can shoot some Aurora Borealis. I have been planning how to pack my gear as well since we originally planned to go this weekend (3.-5. Feb. 2012), but the plans changed, which is kind of lucky since I’m still planning a solution to travel with my dolly and tripods without any harm to the gear.

I also helped Nora with the Import and Footage settings in Adobe Premiere Pro so she could be able to time-remap her make-up time-lapse of Brita.

27.-29. Jan. 2012

Friday, after school finished, I went to Oppdal, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway, with Lars and my family. I decided to go skiing for Saturday and Sunday so I could clear my head and think about locations to shoot next. I did bring a lot of gear that I ended up not using at all, besides scouting for some locations.

26. Jan. 2012:

Today I was helping Sissel In my class with some light painting for her photography project since I had little to do while rendering some test shots from Adobe After Effects. I realized that releasing the trailer in 4K would be somewhat of an overkill since, let’s face it; no one is going to watch it on anything bigger than 1920x1080 anyway. To speed things up a bit I might release the trailer in 1280x544, in 2.35:1 aspect ratio.

So when the rendering was over I went back to writing some pieces of music for the trailer. I made some beats in Propellerhead Reason 5 with some samples I’ve made my self, which I routed from Kong Drum Designer trough Redrum Drum Computer.

24. & 25. Jan. 2012

Strong solar storms from the sun caused Aurora Polaris (Strong and frequent Aurora Borealis) over Kristiansund. 2 hours with time lapse; I feel the shot Showed how much exposure small cities cause to the night sky, as well as being a nice display of the. I’ve also been working on the sound track on the side while editing the previews of the time lapses. I did the editing of the music in Ableton Live 8 and Propellerheads Reason 5 and Adobe Audition, and tried to record some sample instruments. I really want the music to enhance the voice over I’m recording later; so it can get a float that feels pleasurable for the audience.

21. Jan. 2012

I tried doing a dolly shot inside our cabin, shoting icicles trough the window, but it was too cold to notice any of the growing. It resulted in a smooth shot lasting for about 13 to 16 sec.

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